Fanatical Football


Great 3D American football simulator


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Fanatical Football is an American football game where you can enjoy a much simpler and direct gameplay than in most traditional simulators for this sport.

The controls in Fanatical Football let you play with only one player on the team. By tilting the device from side to side you can make your player move in that direction, while to do other actions, such as dodging, you'll use the buttons on the sides. To pass the ball you just slide your finger in the right direction.

Before each round, you have to choose the type of game you want: race, pass, or field goal. If you choose this last option you just have to slide your finger on the screen to try to kick the ball over the goal.

When you're on defense the controls remain very similar, as you still use only one player, and you have to try to tackle the other players. Simple as that.

Fanatical Football is a simple, direct, and super fun American football game – ideal for mega-fans of the game as well as those who are less familiar with it.
By Beatriz

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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